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The China Siege Part 2

The battle lines are hardening As the title implies, this is an extension of last month’s article “The China Siege.”  There have been several developments in the conflict, but the most salient point is this:  both sides have hardened their positions and have repeatedly signaled that they will not submit...

All Eyes on the Fed

Consider a growing economy.  Money velocity is increasing.  Wages are increasing.  Debt and credit are expanding.  During these times, the Federal Reserve can do one of two things:  hold the Federal Reserve Rate stable or increase the rates to try and slow down the growth.  Now consider a shrinking...

Westminster Workplace is to help people who don't have money, get money!

Wealth management or wealth advisory serves people with money, well. Financial advisers who do that work, help their clients with money, keep their money and grow their money. Financial wellness and what we're trying to do at Westminster Workplace is help people who don't have money, get money!

Consultant's Corner: Participant Rollout

Do you know what to do with your retirement plan if you leave your current employer? What are your options? Where does it go? Mathew Barber of Westminster Wealth Management provides the answers to these questions and much more.

Retirement Market Update

STUDIES/SURVEYS Single Women Face Biggest Retirement Shortfall: EBRI Widows and single women are more likely to face income shortfalls in retirement, according to a new study by the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI). The study concluded that women are likelier to live longer than men, develop...


Promoting a Culture of Fiduciary Responsibility

Westminster Consulting is committed to promoting a culture of fiduciary responsibility. We provide comprehensive fiduciary and investment advice to plan sponsors and investment fiduciaries. We provide them with the information, tools and confidence to better navigate the demanding and changing regulatory landscape around qualified plans.