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Market Forecasts of 2017 and 2018

Market Targets from January 2017 For most investors, 2016 was good but 2017 was better.  2017 was the year without fear with a near goldilocks scenario of low inflation despite coordinated global growth improvement (not just the United States), continuing earnings growth, and optimistic sentiment. ...

The Lonely Pessimist on Wall Street

Do you know the story of Cassandra?  In Greek myth, Cassandra was gifted with the ability to see the future but cursed because nobody would believe her.   Whenever I see a market analyst make a judgment call that’s far outside the consensus, I have to wonder – is this an outlier because the theory is...

Top Opportunities in 403(b) Plans For Higher Education and The Benefits of Using Financial Professionals

I’m regularly asked where are the biggest opportunities in the tax-exempt sector.  My answer is the biggest opportunity for change right now lies in one key segment of the 403(b) market:  private higher education.  There is a huge opportunity for higher educational institutions to modernize their plans...


Promoting a Culture of Fiduciary Responsibility

Westminster Consulting is committed to promoting a culture of fiduciary responsibility. We provide comprehensive fiduciary and investment advice to plan sponsors and investment fiduciaries. We provide them with the information, tools and confidence to better navigate the demanding and changing regulatory landscape around qualified plans.