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Quarterly Market Update - Q3 2018

Key news stories It is true that securities markets, outside of US equities, has had a rough third quarter but the actual underlying economic activity is less worrisome than expected.  There were a few events with the possibility of damaging the good economic roll the US has been on, but our fundamentals...

The Limits of Upside

Here’s what makes intuitive sense.  If the economy is good, then the markets should be good.  If the economy is doing badly, then markets should be doing badly.  Over the long term, that’s roughly true as positive trends are rewarded, but no short-term individual moment of the markets can be predicted. ...

Diversity and Inclusion, Corporate Retirement Plans, Pay Equity

Much of what I've been advocating is to help companies if people of privilege are saving more than others. My passion here is driven by the desire to equalize the fact that when controlled for income, straight, white, males save more than anyone else. The studies I've seen control for pay equity issues but that does not mean I am discounting that as a serious problem. In fact, this issue is a pay equity issue, especially if people aren't saving enough to take advantage of the company match.

The 15 Minute Benefits Call: Denise Gueli

Denise Gueli of The Bonadio Grouop join Westminster on the 15 Minute Benefits Call to discuss the cost of not following your plan document.

Embracing Your Employee Benefits Renewal Season

To many of us, the fall means a change in seasons that brings football, children heading back to school, cooler weather, and pumpkin-flavored everything. However, for many employers, the fall is the time of the year that group medical insurance renewals are reluctantly received with the expectation of...


Promoting a Culture of Fiduciary Responsibility

Westminster Consulting is committed to promoting a culture of fiduciary responsibility. We provide comprehensive fiduciary and investment advice to plan sponsors and investment fiduciaries. We provide them with the information, tools and confidence to better navigate the demanding and changing regulatory landscape around qualified plans.