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The China Siege

Taking an enemy position Throughout military history, there are two basic ways to take control of an enemy stronghold.  First, you can raise an overwhelming force and attack head-on; the attackers can expect to suffer heavy casualties pushing against fortified defenses, but if you need to take the...

Who Takes the First Punch?

The tariff skirmish between the US and China is well underway, and analysts are not happy about it.  Morgan Stanley’s chief economist, Chetan Ahya, says the 25% tariff over $200 billion of Chinese imports (and additional threats over $325 billion of Chinese goods) could drag the global economy into a...

Retirement Savings Issues Facing Women

International Women's Day may be over but the financial issues facing women are not. Let's keep our eye on the ball and the conversation going!

Consultant's Corner: Participant Rollout

Do you know what to do with your retirement plan if you leave your current employer? What are your options? Where does it go? Mathew Barber of Westminster Wealth Management provides the answers to these questions and much more.

Retirement Market Update

STUDIES/SURVEYS Single Women Face Biggest Retirement Shortfall: EBRI Widows and single women are more likely to face income shortfalls in retirement, according to a new study by the Employee Benefit Research Institute (EBRI). The study concluded that women are likelier to live longer than men, develop...


Promoting a Culture of Fiduciary Responsibility

Westminster Consulting is committed to promoting a culture of fiduciary responsibility. We provide comprehensive fiduciary and investment advice to plan sponsors and investment fiduciaries. We provide them with the information, tools and confidence to better navigate the demanding and changing regulatory landscape around qualified plans.