Westminster Consulting Launches Confero, An Online Magazine


Rochester, NY — January 7, 2012 — Westminster Consulting, LLC, a leading fiduciary governance and investment advisory firm launched Confero, an online magazine. The complimentary magazine will be published quarterly with a mission to become an educational resource for plan sponsors and HR professionals.

In addition to offering in-depth feature stories, regular columns within the interactive publication will include: “9 ½ Questions,” a candid, informal interview with an HR or finance executive; “Tales from the Trenches,” an in-depth first-person account discussing issues and challenges facing plan sponsors; and “Res Ipsa Loquitor,” a discussion of the current legal/regulatory landscape.

The premier issue features a base case analysis on the current presidential election’s effect on the market and fiscal cliff negotiations. Also featured in the magazine is Boston College’s Center for Retirement Research, highlighting the scholarly work being done there to help provide clarity and better outcomes to both retirement professionals and consumers.

The magazine was founded by Thomas Zamiara and Sean Patton, partners of Westminster Consulting, after brainstorming alternative media forms to deliver timely and pertinent information to their client base and interested HR and finance professionals.

“We believe that drawing talent and information from sources outside of the firm would provide a different interest level to our readers.  The theme of contributing and collaborating with industry experts when developing the format for Confero lead to the idea of titling this online publication using the Latin word ‘confero’, to bring or collect together, to contribute.”

Look for future issues with contributions from a variety of sources on topics of keen interest to employers, investment fiduciaries, foundations, and sponsors of retirement plans. 

For more information, please visit www.conferomag.com or to view the current issue, please visit www.conferomag.com/current-issue.