Webinar: Being a Responsible Fiduciary During COVID-19 By: Thomas ZamiaraAIFA® 2020.04.30

We had a discussion of what fiduciaries and investment committees are doing to manage their responsibilities and oversight during this challenging time.

Among the topics to be discussed were:

  • A refresher: Settlor or Fiduciary
  • Getting re-acquainted with the plan document
  • Planning, holding, and memorializing investment committee meetings
  • Reviewing and responding to participant behavior
  • Keeping plan vendors on the same page
Thomas F. Zamiara

Founding partner of Westminster Consulting, Tom serves corporate, non-profit and foundation clients.

An avid sports enthusiast and fan at his sons’ sports events, Tom is a longtime fan of the University of Notre Dame. Tom has been associated with St. Peter’s Soup Kitchen in Rochester, NY for decades...

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