Managing your Screen Presence to Maintain EQ. Virtually By: Charles Privitera JrSHRM-SCP, AIF® 2020.06.25


Whether you are a business leader, team leader, HR leader, business development person or a candidate in transition, in the "now normal" a lot of us are spending time having very important conversations, virtually. Even for those of us that find this easy, we still miss very important things that could easily derail our intended message. Maria Guida, a former screen and stage actor and executive coach, gives us outstanding communication tips for people who may not be accustomed to speaking into a camera. You're not going to want to miss this.

Charles Privitera Jr

Charles (Chuck) is a Senior Consultant at Westminster Consulting. Chuck has client relationship responsibilities primarily in the Metro New York and Mid-Atlantic regions. He assists his clients with the design, implementation, and investment monitoring of their retirement plans, financial well-being...

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