Webinar: Mentoring and Coaching: Key Personal and Organizational Development Tools By: Pasquale Ferrara, Jr 2020.11.02


Organizations are continually refining their value statements to attract and retain the right talent to support growth within an increasingly competitive marketplace.  
Human Resources professionals are constantly exploring tools to keep their talent engaged and productive while preparing the next generation of organizational leadership. Two tools that are often underutilized are mentoring and coaching.  Both mentors and coaches are valuable resources and important components of skill development sought out by employees throughout the organization. When properly utilized, mentoring and coaching programs address engagement, development, retention, and organizational culture.  

Pasquale Ferrara, Jr

Pasquale (Pat) Ferrara has 35 years of corporate human-resources experience in diverse human-capital roles with both domestic and international financial-services and service-delivery organizations. Pat’s most recent role was executive director of HR for a global financial-services organization responsible...

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