Energetic Leadership By: Pasquale Ferrara, Jr 2021.01.05

Energetic Leadership = Engaged Employees

Are we having fun yet?

It’s a safe bet that if your employees answer “No” to the above question more than likely they are not fully engaged. Is engagement just about having fun? Perhaps not entirely, though without a doubt fun is a very important component of engagement. What does engagement look like?

Google employee engagement and you are bound to find sites that display happy, smiling (usually millennial) faces, working in a team environment, having fun! If that’s the image of engagement (and why not?) what type of leadership does it take to inspire this look?

Energetic Leadership brings engagement to life. Energy defines us as individuals and as leaders. How we show up at work (as an individual and as a leader). How we inspire others. The language we use to convey energy for ourselves and for our employees. These are all important aspects of Energetic Leadership.

Let’s look a little closer at a few characteristics that inspire engagement through Energetic Leadership. Where are you with respect to these characteristics?

Powerful and inspiring. Energetic leaders who are powerful and inspiring approach challenges as entrepreneurs; every challenge is an opportunity. They don’t view setbacks as failures but as a chance to grow. How do you approach opportunities as a leader?  Do you embrace them or shy away from them?

Commanding greatness in others. Energetic Leadership is not about what you say about greatness but how you resonate greatness through powerful self-awareness and presence; these leaders are comfortable in their own skin thereby making those around them comfortable as well. When was the last time you resonated well-being, confidence and success?   

View employees as gifted resources full of potential. Energetic leaders invest in their employees, providing informal experience opportunities and through formal training, learning and development. They ask, Do I see my employees as “pairs of hands” or do I view them as willing partners?

Believe in employees thereby motivating them by this belief. Energetic leaders believe in their employees and communicate clearly what is expected of them. They don’t play the “guess what is on my mind”-game. They create cycles of success by believing, expressing their belief, and encouraging greatness.

The COVID pandemic and the need to lead from a distance has created opportunities for energetic leadership. The events of the day call for leadership that believes in their employees and uses the power of communication to keep them engaged, connected, and motivated. Being aware and conscious, and tapping into empathy and relationship management, are skills that are key during these times.  

Remember to continue to hold employees accountable for greatness. Ask, “what went right?” and, “how can we build on our success?”  and “how can I help you?”  Especially as you see employees struggling with the pressures of working from home, concern for their health and the health of their families, and the social changes brought on by the events of the day. Energetic leaders connect and don’t pretend that their employees live in a business-as-usual world. 

Taken together, these characteristics are the essence of Energetic Leadership.  Leadership that grows out of a strong appreciation and respect for people, events, and opportunities. Leadership that is self-aware, not self-conscious. Leadership that approaches life (business and personal) as a series of opportunities to be successful, to be inventive and…. to have fun!

Pasquale Ferrara, Jr

Pasquale (Pat) Ferrara has 35 years of corporate human-resources experience in diverse human-capital roles with both domestic and international financial-services and service-delivery organizations. Pat’s most recent role was executive director of HR for a global financial-services organization responsible...

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