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 “We need help engaging remote employees in our communications efforts. We hold webinars on plan education for our large employee population residing across the country and working remotely, and attendance is consistently very low. Any out of the box ideas on how to engage remote employees?”

This goes back to understanding human behavior and motivation. In today’s world, people respond more positively when you make it easy for them to take action or make it real for them, through a shared experience. 
For example, making it easy could mean a direct email invitation with registration links that automatically add the meeting to employees’ calendars, since they prevent other commitments from being scheduled in that time. If a web based approach works better, we often provide our clients a link to our online scheduler tool, making it simple for employees to schedule time to join group meetings. 

Making a personal connection is an important method of engagement. For example, promoting meetings onsite through the traditional methods – flyers, posters, etc. – and then enlisting an advocate or key employee to encourage workplace attendance can motivate the employee base as it brings a more personal touch to a shared experience.  This might include a senior benefits person reaching out to managers, or an influential employee quoted on a meeting invitation with an "I will be there and so should you" quote on the invitation. In Taft-Hartley plans, the Business Manager sets work schedules and job sites for the membership, so reaching out to them ensures high attendance. Consider coordinating meetings with employee fairs or company picnics and invite employees’ families too, where they are also able to join sessions with retirement counselors. 

Whether the client encourages direct personal engagement, email marketing, traditional print promotions and giveaways, or any combination, we work to understand the climate and culture of each site to determine the best techniques to ensure optimal employee attendance and engagement. For a different way to engage participants and create an experience that leads to action, check out the videos, activities, and quizzes on our “Challenge Lab,” available at http://www.BringYourChallenges.com.

Kara Segreto

Kara Segreto is vice president and chief marketing officer for Prudential Retirement, a division of Prudential Financial, Inc. (NYSE: PRU). Prudential is a leading provider of defined contribution, defined benefit, nonqualified deferred compensation plan administration, and institutional investment and...

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