7 Questions: An Interview with Terry Knapp By: Gabriel PotterMBA, AIFA®

In this issue, Terry Knapp the Director of Organizational Development Lollypop Farm, Humane Society of Greater Rochester, talks to Confero about life in the non-profit sector.

For the benefit of our readers, tell us a little about Lollypop Farm.

Established in 1873, Lollypop Farm is the largest animal welfare organization helping pets and people in the Greater Rochester, NY area. The Humane Society is committed to building lifelong bonds between people and animals through education, community outreach, and the prevention of cruelty. With a main campus located on 136 picturesque acres in Fairport, NY and four other adoption centers throughout the community, the organization provides shelter, care, and adoption for dogs, cats, small animals, birds, reptiles, horses, and other farm animals. Lollypop Farm is an independent nonprofit organization supported solely through contributions, grants, investments, proceeds from retail sales, and fees for programs and services. 

I’m guessing you have a greater proportion of part-time and volunteer employees than most non-profits. 

Currently we employ 90+ staff. More than half are full time. Additionally, we have hundreds of very active volunteers. The unwavering commitment and dedication of both staff and volunteers is truly amazing!

Most of those retirement plans are corporate 401(k) plans. From your perspective, are there any great differences between running your retirement plans in a not-for-profit environment vs. a corporate 401(k)?

Just like other corporate 401k plans, we take our corporate fiduciary responsibility very seriously. Therefore, through enlisting the help of our broker, Bonadio Financial Services, we make sure we provide great fund offerings and excellent customer service and education to our employees regarding our 403(b) plan.

Let’s talk benefits. What sort of benefit plans – other than retirement plans – do you have in place for your employees? 

We offer very competitive medical, dental, and vision plans. Additionally, we offer company-paid life insurance and a very generous paid time off benefit.

What goals does Lollypop Farm have for its future, particularly in regards to its overall mission?

We are proud to be a total animal resource center for the Greater Rochester area and beyond, and the gold standard for care and housing of homeless animals. As we move forward, strategic planning includes the development of new programs and the expansion of existing ones that will help build lifelong bonds between people and animals and reduce animal cruelty.

What are Lollypop Farm’s retirement and benefit goals?

Lollypop Farm takes great pride in offering our employees and their dependents the most competitive benefit programs possible. Each year we benchmark our plans against the industry and conduct the necessary due diligence to be sure we are utilizing the most cost effective vendors with high levels of service and customer satisfaction.

Not-for-profits generally rely more on community engagement for reaching these goals. What is Lollypop farm doing to reach out to the community to meet these goals? How is it going so far?

Lollypop Farm has a robust marketing & social media program that relies heavily on multi-channel community engagement. People that love animals are extremely committed to the mission of Lollypop Farm and are outspoken advocates of homeless pets. We rely on their generous dedication and engagement to help fulfill our mission. 

For more information and to meet current animals available for adoption, please visit lollypop.org

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